Sunday, February 22, 2009

A lazy weekend

What a thrill it was to not have a hockey game on Saturday! Thad and Ryan are still enjoying hockey season, but I am so sick of it. Seriously. Maybe it's because while Thad and Ryan are on the ice, I am bickering with Kate and Olivia about gummi worms, or making sure Brady isn't too cold, or lugging that heavy car seat across the iciest parking lot in Moorhead (Youth arena). Oh well, soon enough it will be over right?
Saturday morning I went to a brunch/fundraiser. Each table had a theme. Ours was "relax." It was fun to visit, eat a nice lunch, and to get out. Plus I got to take home my very own robe. I don't own one. The plan is to try it out one of these days...or nights.
Here are some pictures of the kids from this morning. Obviously they don't look great, but it's rare that I can capture all four kids--together.

We also have been working on feeding Brady cereal. He hasn't been too keen on the idea of it, but today he started to get the hang of it. Thad also broke out the exersaucer. This dates back to Mr. it's pretty old-school.


ABCDH said...

Yeah, I have that same saucer - and ours is pretty crusty at this point!

How does Brady like food? Laila still doesn't really like it. I try and at least offer it to her for dinner, but it's a work in progress.

Cute pic of the kids too!

Dr. J said...

Kate loves her exersaucer! We just started feeding her 2 rice cereal feedings/day this past weekend. It took her 2-3x before she really got into it but now she's eating 4Tbsp at a time.

Vicky said...

Wasn't it nice for a change? We still had skating and were at the rink for 3 hours and then went to a game that night but we still felt the absent game in a good way!

Yes! Hockey is over soon, whew. The kids do look cute, regardless. Our kids both loved the exersaucer, still have it too.

Erin said...

Your RELAX brunch sounds wonderful. What was the occasion? I hope you enjoyed lounging around in your new robe last night. Your kids are so photogenic; they always look adorable!

TBRKO said...

Uh no I haven't put the robe on. Last night I had volleyball (don't ask). Tonight and Thursday night are conferences...and tomorrow is either church or nothing.
And, now I woke up with a cold. Wahhhh

Melissa said...

It goes by way toooo fast. Soon Brady will be walking and you will be chasing him next year at the games. Just realized that Anthony would choose to be named Brady if given the chance. Funny!