Friday, February 20, 2009

I am home with Olivia today as she started throwing up last evening. I had to cancel my appearance at a trivia night at the high school. My team won without me, so there must not have been many pop culture questions! My faithful readers would be proud to know that I made a small (read: particle size) baby step last night with my phobia. I went upstairs when Thad was helping Olivia once while throwing up. I sort of watched from a far distance as her back was away from me. I know, I know, but those of you who really know me, get it. Maybe someday?
Anyway, I should be showering, but I haven't blogged in awhile. I really don't have much to say I guess. Lent is approaching next week. I am horrible about giving anything up. The kids are learning at religion that they should give up something. So far Ryan is giving up Powerade after hockey, and Kate is giving up something that I can't remember, but it's actually giving up something she doesn't like.
My suggestion this morning was that we ALL--as a family--give up Grandpa Wayne's medicine. Grandpa Wayne has a huge container of candy bars, suckers, etc, that we all pork out on. A few years ago, I told Kate she couldn't have any more candy. My dad said, "It's not candy, Bonnie, it's medicine." The name stuck. He comes over a few nights a week with his 'medicine' for us all. In the blink of an eye, I can snarf down six treats. Seriously. Kate said no way to my idea, but I am really going to push for this. I figure if we all can do it as a family, it would teach a lesson. Kate being the unique child she is said, "But that would be too hard to give up." I said, "Look what Jesus gave up for us?" That had zero effect on her.
As I continue to ramble, I have to reflect on something else I heard this week. While I was working out at Healthpros doing my circuit, I was on the horrific stair-stepper when I caught a few minutes of Oprah. The blip that I caught said that many couples spend, on average, only 12 minutes a day having a conversation. That resonated with me, because I can relate. I am embarrased to say that. Between work, kids, hockey, dance, church, and outside obligations, there are many days when Thad and I don't stop to just talk. How sad is that? That is something we need to work on.
If you are a couple who is good about taking the time for one another, I applaud you!


Vicky said...

Rick and I talk about this all the time. If I go back to work next year we will all have to shift priorities around. They are all so used to me just being here and Rick freely comes and goes all the time. All of that would have to change. We've fallen into a routine of getting the kids off to school and then spending the morning hours together while he works from home. Its great and will be hard to give up.

Awesome you could be in the vicinity of a throwing up child... definitely progress! Hope she feels better soon.

Dr. J said...

I'm proud of you Bon! I not only feel guilty about fainting on you but all the vomit teasing as well while we were growing up. I'll make it up to you someday, promise ;)

TBRKO said...

Ryan that is so funny, because that was the ONE thing that my sister could do to get me upset too. It always worked like a charm.
Vicky that is such a gift that you two get to do that. Thad and I get along very well, but then again, who has time to argue???
For as much as I like to gab, I never talk much about my day at work. I hate rehashing the day. I think he does too. We always ask each other about it, but really, unless something big happened, we don't share much. I think when you have careers that requires a lot of motivation, talking, cheering, etc, you just get spent.

ABCDH said...

Bill and I stay up and talk for hours - about the state of the world, philosophy, the last movie....oh wait, that's just in my dreams...

Also, I used to LOVE coming to your house as a kid because your Dad ALWAYS brought us the The Union to get a "treat."

Some things never change.

Erin said...

Yeah, Dad is famous for treating his kids and grandkids. I think if you can all give up 'medicine' for Lent--well, we in the Gillett household would be IMPRESSED. Not sure what we'll do yet; maybe I'll copy your idea.