Tuesday, December 30, 2008


My mother in law, Jo, offered to take the big kids tonight for a sleepover!!! I then asked my mom if she would watch Olivia and Brady long enough so Thad and I could go to a late matinee movie. She also offered to have Olivia over night. Are you serious??? Where are these people when we need to go out?? I am kidding...
But factor in around seven inches of snow, blowing winds, a three year old who has been frequenting the bathroom today along with several accidents, and it's not to be. Thad will come home, get gas for the snowblower, snowblow, and be pooped. No pun intended on the previous sentence, but I will be dealing with more of that.
So, no movie, no date, lots of laundry, cleaning, and snuggling with my kiddies!

For people who live in the same town as their family, we NEVER go out. Ask anyone, they will verify this. I think that's why we have been going to Vegas for the last couple of years. It forces us to be together...alone...uninterrupted.

In all honesty, I am not really bothered. This is the story of our lives. Such is life. I am off to clean :)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas from us


Merry Christmas from the Staffords. We hope you had a holiday filled with food, fun, smiles, and good memories. We decided that since my sister was with her in laws during Christmas Eve that we would be alone this year. I was a little sad to not have my parents around, but it just gets too hectic. I wanted to be alone, just us, with our family of (gasp!) SIX. I am so glad we did it. The kids and I got some good food for our Christmas Eve dinner: Salmon, shrimp scampi, bbq meatball, and of course, cake. We ate, opened just the right amount of gifts, and enjoyed one another. NO ONE whined which is why I sound so blissful as I write this.
Christmas morning brought the arrival of Santa's gifts: Ryan: Rockband, Kate: Baby Alive learns to potty (the most obnoxious toy in the world), Olivia: a Leapster just for her, and Brady: a little toy. Then we went to church which was a little disastrous, but too bad, because that's what Christmas is about--Jesus!
Finally last evening we went to my parents' house to celebrate the holiday AND my sister and nephew's birthday. It was chaotic, loud, the food was awesome, and just plain wonderful.

**My brother in law was a little down as one of his students was killed in the tragic I-94 accident that claimed three people. Please keep all people alone, grieving, and ill during this holiday season.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another laughable moment

I really really have a lot to post from the past week: Ryan & Thad's Gopher game, Kate's dance recital, Thad's--ahem--procedure from Friday, but I just don't have the time yet. I will leave you with this moment from Friday night....

Me: "Olivia shhh Brady's trying to sleep."
Olivia: "Mommy be quiet, my penis is sleeping."

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Instead of ranting....

...about how horrible my kids have seemed lately, I will just post something funny.

(Ryan in tub): "Mom, what's acne?"
Me (not realize he is looking at some face wash): "Acne would be the same as pimples or zits."
Ryan: "Well I am going to put this stuff on my butt, because sometimes I get pimples there and they hurt."

Olivia (the run on sentence is her speaking): "Mom when I was a little girl and I had a baby, I didn't have big boobs so I couldn't feed her."
Me: "Really? That's too bad."

Monday, December 15, 2008


I should probably add that some of my previous post stems from fear. Let' s be real: Kids in activities most days of every day of the week but one, a new baby, being back and work, AND getting everything done?
Uh...I am nervous. If I was within the confines of my home, I could keep up with the household duties. At work....uh not so much. Sorry to be so blubbery today. I promise it will get better.

Sad today

I write this with tears falling down my face. It could be because I haven't been feeling well either so maybe I am extra emotional, or that Ryan got sick in the cities this weekend so I worried, or that I am crazy.
Mainly though, I am sad that in two weeks from Friday, I go back to work. I have always been ready to return to work. I am lucky in that I love my job, the students, my colleagues, and everything related to it. I just don't want to leave my baby.
I'm not worried about his care when I go back. My mom will have him for two months. It doesn't get better than that. But, he is my baby, and I want to be with him.
There are no answers or suggestions for this. I just have to 'buck up.' And, I will. I just had to wimper to my blog friends a little....

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bad mom

Today was the day that I got to help out in Kate's classroom. It was really fun. I got to see my old buddies from the Halloween party, help kids make gingerbread houses, take pictures, and visit.
Kate didn't really want my decorating advice, but I have no artistic skills so I left her be.
The kids finished by 2pm. I thought it would last until school got out. They got to take an extended recess, but when Kate asked if I would come outside I passed. I wasn't prepared to be outside for awhile. I did say 'maybe' to appease her. That was a big mistake.
After about 10 minutes of visiting, I decided to go. Brady was due to eat, I was starving and getting shaky from it, and I honestly didn't think Kate cared whether I was there or not. So I went home, fed Brady, had a snack, and visited with Olivia and my mom.
Then Kate's teacher called and told me that Kate was really upset. She was sobbing that I left her without saying goodbye. She expected me to come outside. She went back to get me and I was gone. Her little heart was broken. I explained to Kate why I left and apologized many times. After that I sort of blew it off.
It wasn't until later when another parent/friend and then the teacher called to see how she was doing. Kate was quite a wreck I guess. It dawned on me then that this was her special time with me. I left her for Brady. She felt abandoned. I told her that I didn't think she cared that I was there, but she said, "But mommy you said you would stay, and you didn't. I wouldn't have asked you to come if I didn't want you there."
I learned my lesson. If this scenario should present itself to you, just stick around.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I am a little nervous

Here is why:
1. Olivia got the stomach flu last night. For those of you who know me (AJ!), I do not do well with the barf thing..like...at all. I called Thad home from his league hockey, because I was nursing a baby, etc, and couldn't do it all. The amazing man that he is, he stepped right in and took over.
I just hope and pray that no one else gets it.
2. I am supposed to go to Kate's class tomorrow to help with gingerbread houses. I am a total germ phobe (see why above). I also don't want anyone getting sick so I miss it.
3. Thad and Ryan leave Saturday morning for their Gopher game. See above why I am nervous that someone will get sick without Thad around. Yes I am that much of a phobic. It is a god awful honest to goodness horrid phobia.
4. It is supposed to potentially blizzard this weekend. I will worry for my two boys while I will be with the other three kids.
So here is praying for good health, good weather, good old sanity this weekend, and good times for all.
*Note: I have honestly debated getting hypnosis or something to deal with this phobia. I will share with you all (the the world) that since I started taking Paxil for anxiety (shoudn't come as a surprise) years ago, it's a little better. I still feel like the world's worst parent when it happens though.
Okay..enough nervous rambling...seriously!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


At age six and a half, Kate has finally lost her first tooth!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Typical me...

Ryan had a pretty darn nice birthday weekend. We had our family over on Friday evening. He got his coveted Gopher jersey, the Harry Potter collection, the Pat Benetar CD he has been begging for (no lie), a hand made hockey mobile made by cousin Grant, the game LIFE, a sweatshirt, and a PS2 game.

The pink thing is Kate. Just like her mother did as a child, she pouted because she didn't get presents. Every picture from my sister's birthdays had little Bonnie scowling, crying, or sticking my tongue out. I had to put this in!
I created a scavenger hunt for him to get his big present from us. I was so proud. I had it all in place. There were clues planted all over the house. My sister was pretty impressed with me, and I have to admit, I was secretly impressed with myself as well...
Typical Bonnie, however, just never quite gets things right. I ended up putting all the clues in the wrong place. Instead of putting the clues for where Ryan should go next, I skipped one and put all the clues in the spot where he should have looked. Thad totally kept making comments about horrible it was of me. He was kidding, but finally I told him that at least I do stuff like this. It honestly started to tick me off! Erin and I were totally laughing, because it was a total disaster.
I finally straightened it out, and Ryan got his big present: tickets to go to the cities next weekend to see the Gophers play at Mariucci with his dad. He really wasn't too impressed. Thad reminded me that he will be very excited next weekend when they actually go. Once again, next weekend it will be all the young kids and me. That is the story of my life it seems, but I will vent about that in another post.
Yesterday was his friend party. We had about 15 kids at a hotel pool. It was very fun. Some friends helped us out with extra eyes and hands which was so nice. All the boys were wonderful!
The theme was Sioux vs. Gophers.
Today we skipped church--oops! I had a headache, Ryan had a game, Kate had a party, and Ryan and Thad were going to a Fargo Force game, so stuff had to get done. I think I have done about 9 loads of laundry. If I do a few loads a day, I can stay on top of it. Skipping even one or two loads a day backs us up. This is one of the many issues I am concerned about once I return to work...but I won't talk about that either or I might cry.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Ryan Wayne

My baby is nine years old today. I love you Ry-guy!

Monday, December 1, 2008

The girl...

...called Ryan again tonight. Imagine picking up your phone as you are picking up your house, getting kids ready for bed, etc, and hearing a soft voice ask to speak to you son.