Tuesday, December 30, 2008


My mother in law, Jo, offered to take the big kids tonight for a sleepover!!! I then asked my mom if she would watch Olivia and Brady long enough so Thad and I could go to a late matinee movie. She also offered to have Olivia over night. Are you serious??? Where are these people when we need to go out?? I am kidding...
But factor in around seven inches of snow, blowing winds, a three year old who has been frequenting the bathroom today along with several accidents, and it's not to be. Thad will come home, get gas for the snowblower, snowblow, and be pooped. No pun intended on the previous sentence, but I will be dealing with more of that.
So, no movie, no date, lots of laundry, cleaning, and snuggling with my kiddies!

For people who live in the same town as their family, we NEVER go out. Ask anyone, they will verify this. I think that's why we have been going to Vegas for the last couple of years. It forces us to be together...alone...uninterrupted.

In all honesty, I am not really bothered. This is the story of our lives. Such is life. I am off to clean :)


Erin said...

I hear you, Bonnie. You and I lead parallel lives. The differences are only in the details. I hope Olivia is feeling better soon!

ABCDH said...

Me too. Although....Sunday we forced Bill's parents to watch the kids so we could go and get him some new work clothes (okay, and 2 pairs of shoes for me at Payless!). We had lunch together first, just us. It was heaven.
I just feel that, in reality, it's just easier to NOT get a sitter because of all the work and guilt that comes along with it.

Melissa said...

Hi Bonnie,
Thanks for visiting my little bloggity!
I always enjoy visiting with you when I see you at Tami's.
Sorry you guys have some bugs going 'round up there.
I cannot believe it, but we made it through ALL of the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas FIVE TIMES, and now New Year's) with no sick kids! Whoo Hooo!!
If you run out of lysol, just step next door and borrow some from Tami. ;-)
She and I feel the same about sick-germs!!
Oh, and we never go out either. It is really easier to just stay home.
We do have a built-in babysitter now that Nathaniel is 12 (almost 13!). So, I don't have to load up everybody every time I need to go somewhere...
Just wait a few more years and your oldest will be old enough!