Thursday, December 11, 2008

I am a little nervous

Here is why:
1. Olivia got the stomach flu last night. For those of you who know me (AJ!), I do not do well with the barf all. I called Thad home from his league hockey, because I was nursing a baby, etc, and couldn't do it all. The amazing man that he is, he stepped right in and took over.
I just hope and pray that no one else gets it.
2. I am supposed to go to Kate's class tomorrow to help with gingerbread houses. I am a total germ phobe (see why above). I also don't want anyone getting sick so I miss it.
3. Thad and Ryan leave Saturday morning for their Gopher game. See above why I am nervous that someone will get sick without Thad around. Yes I am that much of a phobic. It is a god awful honest to goodness horrid phobia.
4. It is supposed to potentially blizzard this weekend. I will worry for my two boys while I will be with the other three kids.
So here is praying for good health, good weather, good old sanity this weekend, and good times for all.
*Note: I have honestly debated getting hypnosis or something to deal with this phobia. I will share with you all (the the world) that since I started taking Paxil for anxiety (shoudn't come as a surprise) years ago, it's a little better. I still feel like the world's worst parent when it happens though.
Okay..enough nervous rambling...seriously!


Vicky said...

You do have support people to call though, right, in case something would come up? I know its not the same as just having Thad there. I so understand how you feel when you'll be on your own. Good thing you can still come here and vent! Can you do xanax just in case? Send out smoke signals if you do need something, we'll be around all weekend!

Kris said...

Good luck this weekend!

Call if you need anything.

Love you,

HHLSS said...

I am a barfaphobe as well...My son has migraines about once a month and throws up with them so I truly, TRULY feel your pain!

TBRKO said...

I think this is why I have never been a drinker or like being around drunks. The thought of dealing with it by experiencing or seeing it just grosses me out!