Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My current obsession

I have a new guilty pleasure in life, but it doesn't cause weight gain! I will start with the one that's been around longer:
1. Club977 the 80s channel. Whenever I am on the computer at home, I get my itunes going. Then I click radio and listen to this station--religiously. You can also go to their website: www.club977.com

2. VH1 Classics. Thad upgraded our Dish Network subscription so he could get an extra 40 or so sport stations. While I was scolding him for the waste, I realized that I can now watch the good old videos of the 1980s. Plus, I get to see some good ones that I had forgotten about...

I forgot how much MTV, and furthermore, music was such a big part of my childhood. I have always loved music, but wow it's like stepping into a time capsule, and I love it! Don't get me wrong, I have a plethora of CDs, but this is way, way better.
If you are an 80s music freak like me, take a moment to enjoy one or both of these.

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Erin said...

YES! I wish we got VH1 Classics. I'll have to check out that online station. I usually listen to AccuRadio and then select some pop/80s station. They have a ton of music types to choose from: