Thursday, April 10, 2008

Here come the questions

Yesterday I finally told my students that I was pregnant. I learned that it was the worse kept secret in the school.  Apparently they could tell a long time ago, had heard somewhere, or just had a hunch. I guess when you are pregnant with #4 it doesn't take too much time to grow larger. It's a bitembarrassing, but oh well.
Now I am getting the random questions:  do you know what it is, are you going to find out, when are you due, have you had an ultrasound yet, is this it, are there twins in there, etc.  Kids who I had last quarter will pop into class unannounced congratulating me.  
I know I  talk a lot, but stuff like this makes me uncomfortable. I don't mind discussing horror stories with people about my kids or telling a funny story, but when it comes to "good news" I just don't want that attention. I even had my mother tell my sister because I just didn't want to do it. 
For now, I am just letting it happen, but it will be nice to have the summer off so I don't have 90+ pairs of eyes watching me grow.

On another note: Thank you for your responses regarding Kate. I think I really thought I was the only child with a whiny child.  It's not so much the whining, but her inability to do stuff on her own that is frustrating.  I guess we just (naively) assumed that she would hop on a bike, want to play sports, and be 'tough' like her brother.  I think it's also being magnified more because Olivia shows more independence already than Kate ever has.  Wonder what the next baby will be like?!

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ABCDH said...

Girl, with 4 kids you are literally going to run the gamut regarding personalities.
I am slowly (and still with much resistance) learning that our kids are born with their own identity and no matter what we say or do they are going to be who they are supposed to be, regardless of our efforts.
I have experienced in my daycare situations with kids the same age that are on completely different levels in terms of self-sufficiency. I'm sure if you thought about it there are probably some things that Kate CAN do at this age that Ryan couldn't. It could be something as small as holding a pencil the right way.
It sucks to see your kid not do "well" at something right away. It can also be embarrasing, I know.
Hang in there, I'm sure the hormones are doing wonders for your patience - I know mine are!!!!
Love you!