Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Could it be a boy?

Two things have occurred in the last week causing me to think that I might be carrying a boy. Up until then, Thad and I had both assumed we would have another girl. Here is why my mind is swaying toward blue:

1.  The pencil test. My trainer Stacey did the infamous pencil test. Most of us who have been with child at Healthpros where I work out have been accurately 'pencil tested.'  Sure enough the pencil swayed one way for a boy, twice in a row for the girls, and then it went back to boy.

2.  This morning while drinking my vitamins (more on my awesome liquid vitamins later), I took a gulp and gagged twice.  The only other time I gagged while pregnant was once while having yogurt while pregnant with Ryan. 

Both of these pretty lame reasons, but it keeps the fun in guessing!  The real test will be when I have my gestational diabetes test. If you didn't know, I failed the first glucose test with all three kids. I did have gestational diabetes with Ryan but not the girls. If I have it again, I will be certain it's a boy.  Good thing I have another ten weeks or so of not worrying about my sugar intake!

What do YOU think it is?


ABCDH said...

You'll get my boy.
Are you going to find out?????

TBRKO said...

No we aren't going to find out. It's hard each time I don't, but I did enjoy the surprise of getting to spread those little legs to see what it was....

ABCDH said...

Knowing what I know now, I like waiting better too.