Saturday, April 5, 2008

The joys of potty training

I am pretty confident in saying that Olivia is potty trained! She has no problems going #1. Going #2 took awhile longer (she held it for three days), but once she had done that a couple of times, it has been relatively easy.
Last week she chose some Ariel panties. Tonight I came home with some Minnie Mouse ones. You can see that she is very proud! We are too.
Of course it won't be too long before we are out buying diapers the $$ saving will be short lived!


Jenay said...

Yeah for Olivia!!! That is very exciting. Enjoy a diaper free summer =)

ABCDH said...

How old is Miss Olivia? I am thinking of trying it with Delaney this summer as she'll be 2 on June 1st.

TBRKO said...

Olivia will be three on May 10. It was time. She has always been good about holding her tinkle, but was lazy about. Like I said Thad just tried it one morning and it stuck. Kate was two and a half. Ryan was three. Maybe you will be lucky and it will work for her right away!

ABCDH said...

Well, Cecelia was over 3 years old and I sort of liked the fact that she was older, in a big bed, more verbal, etc, etc. I just hear about kids being 2 and potty trained so thought summer would be a good time to try.
We shall see.