Friday, March 30, 2007

Olivia update

Olivia has had a rough week. Monday night she woke up with a fever. By Wednesday afternoon, she was much worse so I brought her in. She screamed the entire time at the doctor. They ran a strep test, inserted a catheter, did a rectal, and the basics. All came back negative.
Yesterday I took her temperature because she was just lying in bed in and out of being asleep. My friend brought me two thermometers. Both said 105.5! I brought her to the walk-in. The doctor was wonderful! They did an influenza test (not pleasant, but neither was watching her have a catheter inserted either) and drew some blood. It took three tries, two lab people, and her mother pinning her down to get the blood. We were all sweating due to the efforts and the heat Olivia was putting out. Anyway her wbc count was elevated, but within normal range. So, they sent me home.
This morning the Dr. called and said her CPsomething was too high. So we went back in. By now Olivia HATES all drs and nurses. She knows where I am taking her and that it won't be fun. To cover all bases, they did a chest xray. That showed pneumonia. Yeah! At least we have something we can treat. Then we waited another hour for a microplasm test to come back. That was negative, so then she received a shot of antibiotic. She will be on augmentin for 10 days as well. She still has a fever, but the Dr. felt that by Monday she should be on the mend...just in time for Thad to leave town again on Sun! He has been gone all week. My students won't recognize me when they see me again!
Let's hope she really is on the mend!

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Jenay said...

So sorry to hear about ms. olivia...Evan has kept dave and i out of work all week as well. He's got rotavirus after just coming off 10 days of augmentin from a double ear infection which followed a fever virus that he had in February. These poor babes just can't get a break, nor can we! I hope hse gets better soon.