Sunday, March 4, 2007


Ryan and I hitched a ride to the game with some friends of a friend. We were so pumped on the way...but the Spuds did not win. It was so heartbreaking to watch. The final score was 1-0, so it was a nail biter the entire game.
For selfish reasons, I was really pumped to go to the cities to hang out with friends, shop, and watch some good hockey.
As a teacher, it was horrible to watch these boys look so crushed. These are such great kids. I really wanted this to be "the year."
Tomorrow will not be a good day at work. The boys will be bummed, the fans will be crabby, and the teachers will get to do the whole, "well life goes on...let's learn!"
Our car load told Ryan that when he reaches high school, we expect a trip to the cities on his behalf!

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Ria said...

I had titled my post for today "heartbreaker" too....until I logged into yours and saw our great minds thinking alike! That really is the only word for it though! So hard to watch for those boys...and ours!