Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Nothing new...

Life has been busy but not so exciting this past week. Ryan got the stomach flu on Friday night. It was just in time for Thad to decide it might not be a good idea to go to the Final Five. The poor guy was not in a good mood, but what can you do?
On a happier note, we are just under three months out from our week's vacation to Florida. I can't wait to escape and see some new surroundings! I have Disney fever too. Thad thinks I have issues, but I am so excited!
We (okay I) are planning a mini-vacation in October for our ten year anniversary next year. We are going to do some adult stuff at Disney like Epoct & MGM. Thad is okay with it being there is a food and wine festival going on at Epcot during our stay. So: food for me & booze for Thad! Some friends will also be there at that time as well as a former student of mine who is interning there this fall.
So until the weather cooperates around here, I will be dreaming of sunshine, palm trees, and hot weather!

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