Thursday, March 1, 2007

Day off...

I have the day off today and tomorrow. Of course I am trying to cram appointments for the kids and me because I actually can!
Today I had lunch with two friends who happen I have met through teaching their kids. It was very nice. They are great women who have raised wonderful children. I enjoyed it so much!
I ran a few errands, Thad blew out snow, and tonight Ryan and Parker had a sleep over. It lasted about 39 minutes. Guess their not ready for that yet.
Tomorrow Kate has her kindergarten screening, and I have a dentist appointment. The SPUDS are scheduled to play tomorrow at 6pm (it was rescheduled due to the weather). The forecast calls for worsening conditions, so I won't be surprised if we know our "state fate" for another couple of days.
Even though the storm will rage on, Ryan has two hockey games, Kate has a birthday party, Thad is on call, and I am going to hit a CABI party. Stay warm & safe!

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Jenay said...

Have you ever been to a cabi party Bonnie? I just went to one, holy cow, it is soo expensive.