Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What to do...

Thad and I are struggling with some decisions lately regarding our sweet Kate. I have had a nagging concern about her readiness for Kindergarten this fall. She is a bright, fun, and witty child--in the right situation. But in new situations & at preschool, she is very quiet, and downright scared sometimes. We have discussed with her teachers whether or not they think she is ready to go off into the world of grade school. No one is able to give us a confident YES!
Many people don't understand our concern. Neighbors and friends view her as a confident child. At school, however, she likes to hang out with the helpers or even sit on their laps. If there is a change at school or dance, she won't participate. She is too frightened.
Ninety percent of the advice we have received is, "Wait....You will never regret it." So many coworkers have told me they regreat not waiting. Others say it was the best thing they could have done for their child to wait. We are just not sure what the right decision is for Kate. Thad and I want what's best for her. That is much easier said than done!
Needless to say, any advice is greatly appreciated!

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ABCDH said...

Oh honey I'm sorry about your dilemma, obviously my children are younger than yours so I don't know. Please keep me informed on your decision though - for future reference. Also, did all three of your kids do pre-school and, if so, at what age?