Saturday, February 17, 2007

Disastrous Dinner

For those of you who read this just to laugh at my life...this one's for you.
Erin, Kris, Grant, Ross, Thad, Ryan, Kate, Olivia, and I went out for supper tonight at Doolittle's. We got there early hoping to avoid the rush. That didn't happen. After waiting for quite awhile--which got a little embarrasing--we were seated in the center of the restaraunt, so that everyone could see our crew. We ordered right away. Our food arrived about forty minutes later. During that time, Olivia & Ross screamed. Now, this isn't crying-type screaming, but more like yelling-screaming. This is a loud restaraunt, but you could hear them quite well! After forty minutes of screaming and eight packs of saltines, we were ready to pull our hair out.
Then came the food. The kids were starving by this point so we were just glad to get it. Kate and Grant hated their food. To be nice, Olivia would eat half of her grilled cheese and then pass it to Kate. If anyone noticed it they would have been disgusted, but too bad! Then came the fork dropping.....I believe between Grant and Ryan we lost four or five forks. In the grand scheme of things, it wasn't a big deal huh?
As supper was coming to a close, we let Olivia out of her highchair. She bolted from our grasp and ran toward some strangers. Suddenly I see her dive into their booth. Thad ran over to get her while we are all shaking our heads in embarassment. Olivia had so much fun that she just kept running all over the place. To top it off, as I got up to leave, I tripped over my coat and almost wiped out. Oh well.
On the drive home, we took Grant with us. Imagine four screaming, yelling, and singing kids. I take that back. Imagine four screaming kids singing to "I'm Too Sexy." Grant sure can belt his little heart out! Thad looked at me and said that any thoughts of more kids is now permanently on the backburner.
We hope you had a relaxing night. I will say that although ours wasn't relaxing, it sure was fun!

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Jenay said...

We did the same thing tonight. Only we graced Chili's with our chaos! Every time we eat out, I always ask myself, "why do we do this?" Will our lives ever be calm again?