Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Not enough time...

Do you see this backward clock? I think it's a representation of my life these days. As more and more of you are posting your own blogs, I get a feel for your hobbies, passions, etc. The problem? I have no hobbies. Sure I sell jewelry, but it's not the same. My friend Jenay (at least I think) must be a master scrapbooker. Ria takes awesome photos and has an eye for decorating. Tami loves to paint. My sister in law Stacy can do anything she puts her mind to. Me? Uh...yeah no creativity or any of that whatsoever.
I used to regularly do my scrapbooking. I haven't touched it since Olivia was probably two months old. The kids love to look at it so what's my problem? I don't seem to have enough "free time" to do what my heart desires. Between work, family-time, activities, and exercise, I can't seem to get caught up on anything. If I have an hour or two, I want to read, go online & plan our trip to Florida this summer, or god forbid take a nap. Hmm....not real darn productive is it?
I have no idea what the answer is for my dilemma. But I tell you what, venting does help a bit!


Jenay said...

Chica! Thanks for the compliment, but a master, hardly... Those pages on my blog are the first that have been created since Evan came along. It has been over 9 months since I've scrapped! In a real world, I'd love to have a hobby that I could do daily or weekly, but it's just not realistic. You guys are so busy with Hockey and Dance, and your three kiddos, how would you have time to have a hobby? Thanks for the well wishes for my Dad! Take Care.

Ria said...

We are all in the same boat Bonnie...thinking we are not good enough. Take it easy on yourself and read a book, or take a nap ...without guilt! This is our "season" of motherhood; there will be years and years ahead to fill with hobbies. You inspired my post for today!