Monday, May 16, 2011

Some pictures from the last few weeks...

My trip to Arizona with these two lovely ladies...we hit the pool immediately!

Got to see Camie & the adorable Eric!

And yes we got up and watched the wedding...and ate a grand breakfast. And got teary eyed. And loved every minute of it...including all the hats.

I even took a picture of the tv. I'm a loser, but these girls love me for it. :)

Melissa & me out to lunch....

I took a picture of my family on Mother's Day.

Brady wore a Zumba skirt while the girls danced on Olivia's birthday.

The girlies. The old hag is me!


Erin said...

Brady is so dang adorable! But old hag?? What.ever.

Anonymous said...

Did you just call yourself a hag??? Shame on you! =)