Tuesday, July 28, 2009

When it comes to finances...

...sometimes I fear having four kids might drain us. Literally.

I have been mentally adding up the upcoming fees for this year.

$240 in raffle tickets (that can be recouped if we sell them)
$85 registration fee
$10 family fee
$40 USA Hockey coaching fee for Thad
$250 to play on a traveling team
$240 volunteer fee (a check we have to write that supposedly won't be cashed since Thad coaches)
$80 registration
Baseball: I think it was/will be around $80
Hockey camp: was $400 this year, who knows what next year
Wednesday religion: $40
School activity fee: $15 plus school supplies

Dance: $28/month plus her uniform
Skating: $45ish a session (should she choose to do this)
Wednesday religion: $40. This year she has her First Communion too...

Dance: $25/month plus her uniform
Gymnastics: $70 session plus $18 registration fee
Hockey: likely a no go....
Preschool: eek

**each of these kids will be in swimming lessons. They are in it now for a total of $170/session.


I know other families have it worse. I get that we don't have to do all this. This time of year just gets expensive with the fall things coming due. Up until this year hockey hasn't been bad, so I shouldn't complain. It just freaks me out.
Add to this: the snacks the girls get at the hockey games, the hotels we will need to book when Ryan travels, the fast food meals we will pick up when we are on the go, and the time it takes to do all this.

Then again my dad has always said that all of this will be cheaper than the lawyer fees we would have to pay some day if the kids have the time to get into trouble.


Kara said...

Ha, LOVE your dad's comment!

Tortorice's said...

I know, children are our best investment.

Dr. J said...

Exposing kids to many different things is what good parenting is all about. My parents let me try all kinds of stuff, sports, crafts, even calligraphy for crying out loud and I'm glad they did.

ABCDH said...

Wow. I was just thinking about this the other day - wondering if I could manage 4 kids financially.
Can I just pretend hockey doesn't exist. That is the most expensive sport EVER!
I guess if you can do it, then I can do it. It's a huge sacrifice, but you feel so proud once you've given it to the children.

Vicky said...

Okay that is about 400 more than I anticipated for hockey for 1 boy let alone two. Do you know if they cash the 240? Or just keep the check? Ouch, thats not in my budget right now.

I have to agree with your dad's wisdom though. I know who their friends are, where they are and what they are doing, can't beat that.

TBRKO said...

Well I don't think any of can financially totally swing kids. It's so expensive. AJ, yes you can do it. Anything can be done....I just prefer to be able to do most of the things I like in life!
Vicky: The word is that they won't cash it. I am going to write it and void it since Thad puts in his time tenfold like your hubby.
We still aren't sure about Olivia. She can stand to wait a year...

Erin said...

I'm with AJ. Wow. Hockey is so damn expensive. Ryan is so talented, and he absolutely loves it, so in the end that makes it worth it, but excuse me? A VOLUNTEER FEE??? Isn't that an oxymoron? And $240? That's absolutely ridiculous. I think you should ask: What, specifically, is this "fee" used for?

TBRKO said...

Well to date, we have avoided those fees due to Thad coaching. Soccer has a $50 one per session.
This is a brand new thing this year. Here is what I was told: many parents "offer" to help, but then don't show up to work tournaments, coach, or whatever. This way, if they get their 10 or 12 hours in, the check bets ripped up. I think it's a way to get people to help. Like any non-profit organization, they need all the help they can get.
Fundraising is another beast about activities that drive me nuts.
As for hockey, up until this year, it's been cheaper than any other sport. Not only that, but the time they get on the ice doesn't compare to the time in any other activity, so I shouldn't complain. It was the extra $250 for traveling that threw me.
AJ, I just heard that American Gold was very spendy too. Is that true? I think any time a kid goes beyond a year or two of something, it just adds up....?

ABCDH said...

I know when I was in Acro (500 years ago) it was, like, $80 a month I think?