Friday, July 24, 2009

Sometimes... do and say things that just tickle your heart. For example:

Ryan decided on his own today to clean out the garage to surprise is daddy. He swept, organized, and made it look nice. It was a just because thing that he opted to do late in the afternoon.

Olivia walked up to me tonight and said, "I love you Mom." I said, "I love you too Olivia." She replied, "I love you more than me!"
Tonight Olivia noticed a big 'owie' on Thad's leg from filling in at softball Tuesday night. She said, "What happened daddy?" Thad told her he got hurt at softball. "I will get some ice for it." The kid doesn't miss a beat.

Kate and Ryan were watching TV this afternoon in my bed. I crawled in and got an excellent cuddle in with my girl.

Brady makes me smile all the time. His top two teeth have popped through, he shakes his head no, he does so big, and he is my little snuggle bug.

We all have these daily moments. I do not stop and savor them enough. Each day really is a blessing, and this girl is one happy camper.


Erin said...

You are such a good mommy and auntie. We all love you and your fam so much.

Tortorice's said...

Sweet post Bonnie.

Dr. J said...