Thursday, July 16, 2009

What a week

It's been such a busy week around here for me. On Tuesday, AJ and her adorable girls came to town. She, Melissa T, Kris, Erin, and I got together with (most) our kids. It was mad chaos in my house, but that's when things tend to be at their best. It was wonderful to catch up, laugh, and enjoy one the company. I haven't uploaded pictures yet, but I will.

Today, I got to see my dear friends Elli, Robin, and Kristi. All of these people (other than my sister) have been friends since either Thomas Edison, Robert Asp, or the Jr. High. It's funny how the older I get, I just appreciate getting to be with these people. We have such a rich history with one another. I look at my Ryan and think, "That's how old I was when I met some of these people." Wow.

Tomorrow I am going to Las Vegas with my mom and sister. I am mostly excited, but also guilt ridden and apprehensive to leave my family. I have never left for three whole nights without any of my kids. I have never put Thad in charge like this. He will do just fine. The big kids will do just fine. I hope Brady does fine too. I am certainly going to miss them all.

Do you know what I am most looking forward to? I look forward to eating when I want, not having to make sure everyone has their food, that it's cut, and hearing the words, "But I don't like this mom." I look forward to reading, listening to music at the pool, people watching, and seeing a good show. I look forward to spending time with my family like we never have before.

I am already weighted by the stress of leaving again in two weeks with Thad. He and I deserve a getaway with just us (and friends), but leaving my children is no easy task. We are still sorting through who will watch the kids, when, and what that will cost us. Still, for a couple who rarely goes out on a date all year, I feel we are ready for some "us" time.

So it's been a good week, and here's to a great weekend. Did I mention the highs in Vegas are in the 110s this weekend? Coming off of a very chilly week, it's just what this girl is looking for!


Kris said...

Have a great time honey! I'll be thinking of you guys...don't lose any (that much) money!

ABCDH said...

Have a wonderful trip!