Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Products I like

*Note, this is a long post. If you don't wear make up, don't care about your hair, or aren't nearly as vain as I am, don't read this. If you can't possibly skip the make up aisles at Target even though nine times out of ten you purchase nothing, then continue....
I am always searching for the best possible products to use on my hair, face, and body. I am embarrassed to admit that I have spent many, many dollars on this hunt. This weekend was no different, but guess what? Not only did I purchase three new items, but I really liked all three items. I will share them with you in case they happen to fit a need you might have.
Hair products:

#1 & 2. Pantene Curl Defining Scrunching Mousse Extra Hold & Ultimate Texture Ultra Hold Hairspray Aerosal.
I can't begin to tell you how much $$ I have spent on my hair alone. For the most part, I stick to salon products. This weekend my friend Jenny had her hair curled in such a cute way. I have tried time and time again with my expensive flat iron (that's what she used) & curling irons. It never works. So Jenny offered to use her stuff to show me how to do it. She used the Pantene hairspray and her $15 flat iron. I about fell over with how well that worked. I normally spend around $100 (at cost mind you) to get mine. I will rethink that the next time I need one! Anyway I was out of hairspray this weekend, and so I purchased what she had. The result was that I liked it, felt it worked for what few hairspray needs I have, and if I want to curl my whole head of hair, I could use this.
The next item that I really liked was Pantene Defining Curls Scrunching Mousse. With each baby I have delivered, I have developed c.u.r.l.y. hair. I wear my hair curly when I am extra pressed for time or I don't want to flat iron it. For several years I have been using "Curls Rock" from Bed Head or something. I decided to try this for under $4. The result was awesome! I even got a few compliments on my hair yesterday--not normal for a high school teacher. It gave me pretty curls and no frizz. At the same time, I didn't have that crusty curl feeling.

Now, onto foundation....
#3. Merle Norman Luxiva Powder Foundation
This has excellent coverage for my face. I want a face that is covered, but not cakey or fake looking. I had been doing lighter foundations since last spring. A year ago I was using Bare Escenuals Mineral Foundation (spendy), then I switched to Loreal Mineral Foundation, and then it went down hill from there. Bare Esecentuals has a great product, but for some reason when I would apply blush, I got a funky stripe in the same place each day. The Loreal was fine I am sure, but how the heck does one find a perfect color by looking at a product in a container? After wasting money there, I moved to Clinique. The first powder foundation was okay, but in reality, by mid-day I looked washed out. I bought another Clinique one, but the same look was there by the end of the day.
This was recommended to me by someone who works at Merle Norman. I had used it in the past, but I am not a 'die hard' customer of any one skin care line. Believe me I have done my share of Mary Kay, Arbonne, Bare Escentuals, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, etc, etc. Let me just tell you that I get much better coverage with this foundation than any other powder foundation I have used in a long time. The cost was $27. I have no problem paying for something quality.

Another product that deserves honorable mention that I did not discover but really like is:

It is a dry mist that I spray on my hair prior to flat ironing it. It's a protectant. Unlike other ones I have used, this one doesn't act like hairspray OR make it damp. It also smells good, which is always an added bonus.
So readers, what products do YOU like that you want to share with others? I, for one, am always interested in hearing your thoughts. Do you have a cleanser that I would love? Do you have a specific lotion like I do that you always buy? Let us know!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Pantene Curl Defining Mousse! I started using it about three years ago, and have loved it ever since!


Erin said...

I'm excited now to try the Pantene products--and I might even go back to Merle Norman and buy some of the foundation. I used it years and years ago.

Products I really like:

I cannot fix my hair without Bedhead Manipulator. I've used it for almost 10 years--it's great for achieving that piece-y look for short and medium length hair. The hold is AMAZING. I can use it in the morning and re-fluff in the afternoon with just damp fingertips and achieve the same look again.

2. I too have tried high end skin care lines (Arbonne, Principal Secret) but what I like best are the Olay Regenerist products. I did not see any difference at all in my skin when I used Arbonne--and I'm not paying $200+ dollars for something that doesn't have an impact on my appearance. I use the Olay Regenerist hydrating cream as a moisturizer. It's light, nongreasy, and absorbs quickly yet still leaves my skin feeling hydrated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! I, too, spend waaayyy too much money trying to find the "right" product. I'm going to check these out!


Jenay said...

Love your post!

Hairspray-I have used "Back to Basics" firm hold hairspray since college. It used to be the sunflower bottle, now it's in a purple bottle. I love it and will die if they ever discontinue it!

I too use curl rocks when i wear my hair curly, so I am going to try the Pantene Mousse.

I love "Play Clay" by altobella. I have used that for years too. I will have to grow my hair out long if that ever goes away.

I have always used expensive salon shampoos, my mom always did, so I thought that is just what you did! Well a year ago I started using DOVE and I love it! It's like $4/bottle and my colorist and stylist both comment on how healthy my hair is. Who knew! Dove makes many formulas, the one I love is in the peach bottle and it's the shine formula.

I am all over the place with my cosmentics. I used to wear only MAC products but I have gradually replaced most of them. I still swear by the maybeline Pink/Green mascara. Other than that i am not loyal to any product.

As Erin said, i am a huge fan of olay regenerist products too. I have their exfoliator and i keep it in the shower. It's very light and not a harsh scratchy scrub. It has worked wonders for my dry skin.

TBRKO said...

This is great! I know that we all had ideas.
I might have to try Olay. My dermatologist told me a few years ago that she used Neutrogena. That is what I normally use.
When I got pregnant with Brady, I broke out in zits (for me). Ever since, I have used their acne wash. I like to change things up though too, so that's next on my list.

ABCDH said...

Okay, now I have to share. For foundation (cuz it's important we don't use the same stuff we did before wrinkles :-)) I use Estee Lauder double wear light. I actually asked a girl who, I thought, looked amazing for her age (she's 41) and she tipped me off to it.
Also, good curly hair product tip. Can't tell you how many millions I've spent on this stupid afro.

Vicky said...

I have always loved Pantene products and love their shampoos and conditioners. I'll have to try the mousse and hairspray :) Otherwise I still love Redken's quick dry hair #18 spray. And I use Big Sexy Hair Root pump spray mousse.

Big fan of the Olay Regenerist too, I use the daytime and nighttime and love them.