Sunday, May 17, 2009

Look who got her ears pierced?

(pardon the grape juice mustache & messy hair)
We had no plans to do this. I tried to get out yesterday with just Brady. Olivia (who was overtired) insisted on coming along. We walked by Claires. I asked if she wanted her ears pierced. She said yes, and so we did it. She had no clue what to expect so she was pumped...until it happened. She was a little miffed for a minute, but left the store quite excited.
I think one side is higher than the other (it's quite obvious), but what's done is done. Now, of course Kate was hers done again. We'll see.


ABCDH said...

You tell me how it works out and then maybe I'll let CeCe do hers :-)

TBRKO said...

I did let Kate get hers redone. She knew there would be pain, and she was nervous. She didn't cry though! Her tolerance for pain is less than Olivia's, so I was ready for anything.
The worst part with Kate the last time was because she wouldn't let me put in new earrings. I had to pin her was bad.

Dr. J said...

Is this the first female right of passage? ;)

Vicky said...

How very brave of both girls. I had to wait until 8th grade, seriously. And my mother conned a friend of hers into doing it... I won't tell you how.

Melissa said...

I might think about number 3 just to have the opportunity to do this. So fun!