Wednesday, July 6, 2011

See this face?

Don't let it deceive you....he is a full fledged terrible two-going-on-three kid. For example....
1. Everytime I take off his diaper he grabs himself (guess where) and says "penis penis."
2. Last Friday night he put goo-gone in the dishwasher.
3. He loves to scream....just to try and damage my one good eardrum.
4. He has been known to call his sisters dumb a few times...."you dumb!" Thanks big kids...
5. He still is in to everything kitchen related....last night he was 'transferring' orange gatorade from one container to another....and most of it inevitably ended up on the carpet.
6. He is ungodly loud when he wakes up with the birds and I'm trying to let the rest of the house sleep.

But....on the flip side...
1. He is the best snuggler in the world.
2. He gives the best hugs
3. He kisses me a lot
4. We took him to Kobe's the other day, and the boy was in HEAVEN.....he even opened his mouth imitating waiting for Sake when I gave him his chocolate milk!
5. He is almost never crabby....
6. He is addicted to watching Little House on the Prairie...yes I'm being dead serious.
7. He likes to play with my hair....hello future lucky girls! (well maybe girls...)
8. He is my not two for much longer 'baby'
I get it now....that last baby will always be a baby....because we grasp on to what we can to remind of us how precious and tiny they once were. How fleeting it quickly life goes by once we have kids.


Be the change... said...

He is so darn cute! I think you should keep going, your a natural. Brady is going to be really fun to watch grow up. Cool little dude!

Melissa said...

My Ruby loves Little House on the Prairie, too!!! Except she calls it "Laura on the Prairie." :-)

Stephanie said...

He is such a character, I am sure he will be the source of many blogs in the years to come!

ABCDH said...

*sigh* I know exactly what you're talking about.