Friday, July 15, 2011

Do you ever...

....feel like not blogging because you just don't think you have anything good to share?
....hear your kids say some seriously bizarre stuff and think, "I need to blog this," but don't takes time, and who has that?
....pray to God your kids will sleep in by some miracle so that you can have an hour of quiet? As if God wants us asking for such petty things...
....just think to yourself, "I am sooooo sick of cooking meals, trying to come up with something new and good."
.... dread telling your kids what's for supper like I do, because inevitably someone hates it?
....dream about what you'd do if you got a check for $100,000 dollars in the mail? I do...and I have it spent, or at least spent and put to good use for my kids.
....think that even though you can't afford a nice family vacation to somewhere like Disneyworld you should just screw it and go for it? We don't know if we have tomorrow or next week or next year. I want to...but I never 'go for it.'
....dread your next birthday because...let's face it, we aren't getting any younger?
....look at your kids (toddlers specifically) and wonder what happened to that perfectly sweet baby?
....look at your psycho toddler and still miss having a baby...?

I do....


Dani Fluge said...

Bonnie - I LOVE this!!! First, I totally relate and second, this needs to be published in OTMOM! Seriously, let me know if your ever interested!

Be the change... said...

Love and totally agree w Daniel!

red jaguar said...

i agree.. 100% hahhaha