Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baseball tournament

Ryan had a baseball tournament in Bemidji this weekend. We left Saturday morning. Shortly after we got on the road, I am reminded why we don't always travel together as a family...unless it's to Disneyworld or some place special. Bickering....complaining.....all that great stuff. I put on my headphones and cranked up the music.
The boys played awesome on Saturday and won both games!

One game is okay for the kids. Two gets long...especially when both are during naptime. That doesn't bode so well for Brady.
Here is Kate and Kenzie...Brady's little girlfriend.

Don't ask me what Brady is doing here...well I know he's pretending to hold a bat. I guess the mitt on his head is a helmet? This child is....interesting.

Brady in a time out. Yes I even do this in public...in the middle of grass....i dont' care.

Swimming with Dad. Kate kept begging me to get on my suit. She asked why I didn't want to. I said, "Well...I've had four babies." She said, "Well I haven't what's your point."

The boys (and one girl who rocks!) treat Brady like a little king. It is so sweet...and everytime I get mad at Ryan, I need to remember that he is the first to kiss Brady goodnight. So fun.

The kids got trampled on Sunday. It was like the Bad News Bears. They were off...too off.
Last night much of the team was over playing a game of baseball after batting practice. I brought out Brady to say good night to Ryan. Wow...he got high fives, knuckles, hugs, the works.
All this sweetness just may psych me up to go again in a month for the state tournament.