Monday, June 20, 2011


I've just returned from what I can look back on and call the trip of a lifetime. I saw places and things that I'd never have the opportunity to see otherwise. I saw more pieces of history than I can share. Also, how many of you care?!?!?! We went to Memphis...the highlight was the Civil Rights Museum which is built around the location where Martin Luther King was killed. We were required to a read a book about it prior, and all I can say is, wow, did it bring it home.
We hit Beale Street both nights. Another wow! So fun. We did hit a lot of other places there too.
Lorraine Motel where King was killed.

Bad picture of Beale street

My adorable roomie Kacie for the week...on a bus ride through Mississippi. The highlight for me was the seeing the places surrounding the Emmett Till murder in 1955. We read a novel in my history class. It hit home. Very creepy. A gentlemen even drove up as we were overlooking a bayou to talk. He was there the first week of the trial!

Our group of teachers at the Vicksburg battlefield in Mississippi at the Minnesota monument.

Then we went to New Orleans. Holy stinky city! Ewwww....we saw everything...stayed in the French Quarter, did a six hour bus tour based on Hurricane Katrina. Powerful. We went to the WWII museum. Moving.
But it was hot. This was after a surprise two hour walk through a neighborhood that we didn't know would happen. We were cranky.

But you can always clean up and have dinner with the girls!

I had so much fun. I slept little. I was a little too crazy a few nights...yes a few nights. Eek. But I learned so much.


Be the change... said...

First off, you look adorable. Second, New Orleans is by far the stinkiest place I have ever been. Third, what books did you read before your visits? Glad you had too much fun a couple of nights-well deserved!

ABCDH said...

You look good, girl! Looks like a fun group, too.
I am now going to look up Emmett Till.

TBRKO said...

The book I read that was AWESOME was called Hellhound on his Trail. It's about James Earl Ray...the assassin. I had no idea he'd escaped prison. We saw the place from where he shot King. It's not that far.
Emmett Till...powerful story. The novel we read in class is Mississippi Trial 1955. The men got off scott remorse. A few months later they gave an interview to a magazine detailing what they did. We went to the grocery store where the 'whistling' took place, the courthouse, and where the cotton gin was made that was used to sink him to the bottom of the river.

Vicky said...

Such a cool trip! I've always wanted to go to New Orleans- stink and all. You did a boatload of activities with a fun bunch of people- so very cool!

Erin said...

Of COURSE we're interested in your trip! I hope we can talk more about it soon (if you and I ever get to be in the same room again for more than 15 of overlapping strength training). Thanks for the blog about it.

Dr. J said...

I care I care! Sooooo glad you got to do this Bon.