Wednesday, April 7, 2010

what we don't know

I am going to title this post, "The things that we don't take into consideration or ever expect to deal with when pondering parenthood."

1. I didn't realize that my children would require only the most expensive shoes from Stride Rite. They carry "Wide" shoes. Each of my babies has needed these. Olivia and Kate still do too. A normal stop in there is about $50.
2. That dental care is so expensive. Each trip is around $120/kid. Then they need sealants, teeth pulled, fillings, and orthodontic care.
3. That my children would have different food tastes. There isn't one meal that I can think of that each child loves. Inevitably this means that on any given night at least one child complains.
4. I never thought about dealing with peer issues. Never once when touching my bulging baby belly did I picture little Ryan, Kate, or Olivia have their feelings hurt, talked to inappropriately, or their egos crushed. I also didn't think about them doing it to others.
5. I didn't expect the fact that if I just loved them to death, they would treat me well back. HA! That was pretty idiotic huh?
6. I certainly didn't factor in that not only would my kids need expensive shoes, but also several types of shoes. There are your basic tennis shoes, sandals, shoes that are casual, dress shoes for winter (black), brown dress shoes, dress shoes for summer (more white), and shoes that the will want to wear all the time that don't fall into any category.
7. I didn't count on going through so many pairs of sock in a given year. Enough said.
8. I didn't anticpate the stress of having my kids have a growth spurt in the spring, need to pants, and then realize that pants aren't sold right now. That one drives me crazy.
9. I never envisioned having my kids use (ruin) my lipstick, drop my powder, and use make up brushes in bad ways.
10. I figured they would use crayons and markers for coloring on PAPER.
11. I certainly didn't expect them to fart or belch outloud in public, pick their nose where everyone could see them, or be dirty when I wanted them clean.
12. I didn't think that so early on they would ask why my butt was so big or (my favorite) if I was pregnant again because my tummy was sticking out.
13. I didn't think that I would count "Bedtime" as the most dreaded time of day.
14. I didn't think I could sit and watch some of the ridiculous shows that my kids watch and actually enjoy them.
15. I certainly never expected to live vicariously through them.
16. I never thought of the times when I would have to hold down my sweet screaming child who was receiving the dreaded kindergarten shots. (Me. Today. Olivia)

I could go on, but it's bathtime. In no way do I not have a list to make that is way longer reflecting the good. But sometimes the horror stories are a release for me. Consider this my "releasing phase."


Erin said...

You should submit this to On the Minds of Moms. Seriously. It's amazing.

Vicky said...

Your releasing is always refreshing! So well said... why is it we really don't think when we are pregnant, of what they will be like at 5 or 9 or 16? I just remember being so excited for the baby...

dani said...

Hahh....I was thinking the same thing Erin was. :o) Seriously, I just got the whole "baby belly, but no baby in there" comment the other day and didn't know if I should scream at my honest no tact 6 year old or run and tell my mom. Bonnie, this really is fun and I am quite sure OTMOM readers would relate.

ABCDH said...

They do sell actual Stride Rite (WIDE) shoes at Payless too - atleast here they do.
Last night I caught Delaney smuggling food to bed - over an hour after I put them to bed - and I thought I was going to lose my mind.
Tonight - stuff starts getting taken away immediately if they don't cooperate for bedtime cuz I'm so sick of it.
Whew, good vent.

Dr. J said...

I lol'd at #12 sorry...
Great post.

Be the change you want to see in the world... said...

Oh yeah, there was a commercial for diet pills on this weekend that focused on getting rid of unwanted belly fat. Without skipping a beat Anthony asked me if I was going to buy them. I asked him if I should and he says,"You are always talking about being skinny." Oh their honesty is brutal but I do appreciate it....