Thursday, April 15, 2010


I have been preoccupied with a sick Brady all week. My mom radar was up since last Thursday. Things just weren't quite right. By Saturday evening, he had a high fever. While Thad was whooping it up with his old friends from hockey, I was whooping it up with Brady. As in he was screaming, and I was 'dancing' around the house trying to console him.
Okay, there is a point to this...just bear with me. So fast forward to the rest of the week: double ear infectiom Sunday, miserable Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Finally today he is better.
I don't have just one child. So as I am worrying/consoling Mr. I am in pain/can't sleep/scream boy, I have my other son decide, after ten years of shutting me out no less, to include me in his fourth grade world.
Last night I helped him craft a "will you go out with me" letter to a girl that he has previously "gone out with." I asked him, "What does this mean when you are a fouth grader?" My only frame of reference was when I had a 'boyfriend' in 4th grade, another Ryan, and we rarely talked. I did call his house a few times, but he hung up on me. Ryan's answer was, "Well you text one another, but since I am the ONLY kid I know other than the kids in the culdesac without a cell phone, we can't do that." Of course in my mind I am thinking, "THANK GOD YOU CAN'T TEXT THIS GIRL!" But, I played it cool.
We worked on a note, he showed me some other girls that he has asked out, and that was it. Then he showed me a girl who he called bisexual (really? whatever) because she kisses boys and maybe tried to kiss a girl. I asked him where he heard about that, because while I am open, that one hasn't come up. "Oh we saw it when we watched Dodgeball last weekend at a party." Okayyyyy.
He had the "will you go with me" note nicely folded along with a picture of a bird(?) for her near his backpack. Tonight he told me she said no. I breathed a sigh of relief and told him that baseball starts Monday. I said, "You have more important things to worry about other than girls. You are too young. But, Ryan, I want you to know that you can always talk to me about anything. Thank you for coming to me."
A bit later, the phone rang....I saw the caller id. I recognized it as the bff of the girl he 'asked out.' To make a long story short, prospective girl might dump her currect bf, 'go out' (how ridiculous!) with Ryan, and the world will be a better place.

Isn't it odd that I go from stressing about my baby who was been sick to stressing about my baby who is writing love notes and discussing the sexual preferences (yet not) to fourth graders? Dear Lord....

Ryan has been sportless for a month. I can assure you that during season he doesn't have this kind of time to write notes. Thank god for baseball.


Erin said...

whoa. I can't believe he used the word 'bisexual' and is already thinking about 'going out' with girls. I am so not ready for this...sounds like you handled it with great finesse.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear Brady has been sick & Miserable :-(. That's not good. On a positive note, how sweet that Ryan opened up to you about girls. Boy, did this bring back memories of us Bonnie! The phone calls, the hang ups, and a certain gift shop(ahem).
Sounds like baseball can't start soon enough!! I hope Ryan continues to include you in his drama.