Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Thad and I decided (okay so I called him yelling last week threatening her life) that Maggie may be better off with a family that a) isn't so busy and b) doesn't have so many kids with needs that must be tended to over giving attention to a dog. Even though we discussed it, he was busy working on the flood. Then he went to the cities. I was caring for Kate, Olivia, Brady, and Maggie. The girls had the ice show. We were distracted.
Thad put out the word that if anyone knew of anyone who may want a busy (or as I say psycho) dog, let us know. We, okay I, certainly didn't expect a call last night that some people are interested.
Guess what Maggie is doing now? She has (for the most part) behaving, listening, and when we told the kids, they flipped. How typical. Kate who complains daily about Maggie, has been crying her eyes out. Ryan, who has never paid much attention to Maggie other then when she makes him angry a few times a day, isn't happy. Olivia and Maggie get along okay. Since her siblings don't want her to leave, she doesn't either. Maggie's biggest ally, Brady, has no clue. Thad is sad. I am sad....
We told the kids that we can't back out of this offer. They know that if the interested party finds her to be too much, we will take her back and come up with a new plan. I have said that God (or fate depending on how you look at it, but really what child can grasp the concept of fate?) will decide what is best for Maggie.
So on that note, why does this always happen?


Anonymous said...

Its a tough decision for you to make, but I think in the end it will all work out. Kids are so resilient. They can come see Harry and Salli as much as they want!


Melissa said...

Long story: we had a very nice dog years ago that got hit by a car. Someone gave us a "replacement" that was a runner--wouldn't stay home at their house, we were without a dog, so it came here.
By some ironic twist of fate, it, too, got hit by a car. Destroyed it's shoulder, would've required extensive surgery and pristine conditions for healing.
Well, not on this farm. Couldn't afford it anyway, so we had them put him down.
Even though I HATED that dog, I still cried when we had to make that decision. Go figure.
And, Bonnie, take heart--your kids will work this all out in therapy as adults...

Kris said...

Lola has been living at my moms because with my schedule, it just isn't doable for me to care for her like she needs. Lucy occasionally says some sad comment about how she doesn't have a puppy at her house but for my sanity, that's the way it has to be for now.

ABCDH said...

We have a lab and it takes YEARS before they settle down. I'm saying that because if you are stressed out by the dog you're better off letting her go now.

Be the change you want to see in the world... said...

Our puppy is also with a new family because it is too much work for us right now. The boys cried for maybe five minutes and were off playing w/in minutes of the new family coming to get her. I COMPLETELY understand.