Friday, January 29, 2010

rambling thoughts

I have no real things to post about per se. So I will ramble.
This week was trying at work. Students, finals, parents, you name it. It was a tough one.
Olivia was sick today with my mom. My mother (and mother in law and my dad) are saviors.
Today was the first day of second semester. Thank you to the person that gave me a class of 'needy' kids that has a total of 32 boys and like 7 girls. Thank you very much.
Ryan has a hockey tournament this weekend. It's his in house. I have a sitter for tomorrow morning. Bless her heart for being willing to watch Brady AND now Olivia.
I ate another huge frosted cookie tonight. Then I ate half of Olivia's since she isn't eating much.
My kids are all asleep. Why is it that when they are sleeping I miss them? Why is it when they are awake I feel like I need a break?
Life is whacked isn't it?

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Getting back to me said...

I feel the same way. Some nights I cannot wait to get Isabelle into bed. An hour after she's asleep I have to fight the urge to go pick her up and snuggle with her while she sleeps.