Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This child and I rarely take pictures together. He rarely is willing to even be in a photo with me or anyone...unless it's his baby brother.
Ryan continues to challenge us on a regular basis. At the same time, he is a creature of habit.
Case in point: We have always had Ryan go to bed early. He doesn't like it, and often fights us on it, but we do it for a reason. If Ryan doesn't get enough sleep, he is a beast. He doesn't sleep in either, so letting him stay up late doesn't mean he will sleep in. Last night he went to the Spud hockey game. Then he had to do his reading homework (Mr. creature of habit can not EVER skip this since it's required...which is a good thing). Anyway he was up until 10. Tonight? What a crab! For Ryan, crabby means being a jerk. So by 7:40, he was in his room for the night, lost his PSP for two days, and can't go to the Spud game tomorrow night. At that point, he was just going to keep going (just like John Bender in the Breakfast Club), so Thad assisted him to the bathroom and to his bed.
*sigh* Ryan will always be Ryan. To his credit, when he lets his guard down, he is thoughtful, caring, conscientious, and so sweet.
He has taken pride this week in dressing his baby brother in the morning. He does his homework most days right after school. He never has a hard time getting up and ready for school. He never complains about going to hockey or church (okay religion, not Sunday mass). Most nights he eats his dinner without complaining.
In many respects Ryan is so easy. In many more respects he remains the most complicated of our children. Thad went so far to tell him a week ago that if he behaved every day, he would probably get anything he wanted...even a trip. That's how desperate we are at times for Ryan just to be nice, respectful, and obediant the first time we ask him to do something.
Regardless, I tell him I love him every day several times, I try to hug him, thank him for his good deeds, and compliment him.
No one ever said having children was easy did they?


Getting back to me said...

It's definitely not easy. Isabelle is going through a stage (God, I hope it's a stage) where she is constantly whining, complaining, or just otherwise being miserable. Life is apparently really hard when you're on the brink of four. We have a lot of good moments too, but she really knows how to push my buttons.

Vicky said...

OMG, I could have written this almost word for word. We didn't let Nolan go to the Spud game, but its been "heck" living with him these past couple of days cause he didn't get to go. He also will not sleep in or take a nap when he is tired and then he is a pill! But at school his teachers say he is a leader, and thoughtful and considerate and... I totally feel ya!

ABCDH said...

It's a good thing you have a 4 year head start on this parenting stuff on me. I am learning that when one challenge comes to a close another challenge is waiting for you.
I like the fact that you and Thad are on the same page and that you stick to your guns. You are a really great Mom!

Dr. J said...

Just watch, he'll hit his early 20's and realize he had the best Mom out there! (hopefully earlier but don't hold your breath)