Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Of course

This is so typical. Ryan decided that he needed to wear my new Victoria's Secret flannal pajamas to bed. I ever so quietly grabbed the camera, got ready to snap a fabulous picture, and my camera says "Card Locked."
Thanks camera for failing me at this oh so priceless moment. I can't wait to shell out money for a new memory card.


Anonymous said...

Ummm, Ryan wanted to wear your Victoria's Secret pajamas???


Ben said...

Before you replace the card, pop it out and see if there's a lock switch on it or something like that. You could also try reformatting it using the menu on the camera and see if that helps. It's too bad you missed that photo opp... :(

More info on "card locked":

TBRKO said...

Thanks Ben! I will try that tonight at home.I did take it out a lot, but didn't check for a lock. Tami--he said they were comfy. I saw them in a heap on the floor later. I guess he felt too embarassed. I definitely gave him crap.