Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My "grill"

My "grill" (or braces to us oldies) is on. Don't expect a planned photo. I am too vein. 
My mouth is getting worse as I write, but I am taking Tylenol.  Yesterday was painless. Today is...well...a little more painful. I am also brushing my teeth non-stop. I can't believe I am taking in any food. It seems to be all in my teeth. 
Anyway, I know you are jealous. I look soooo ridiculously cool right now.


ABCDH said...

Come on! I am dying to see pictures!

Vicky said...

Me too! Can't wait to see you with your "grill."

TBRKO said...

Yeah there will be no pictures on purpose.

Erin said...

I bet you look better than you think! I remember that days 2 and 3 hurt a lot more than the first day. Hang in there, sis.