Monday, June 8, 2009

Alright, fine, now you have it

How lame that I took a picture of myself with braces from my school computer. I had to do it in black and white so you wouldn't see just how 'eh' I look today.
I am working four of the five days this week. Today, I need to fully move out of my classroom and into another one. It's a big transition for me and not one I am too excited about. 
The "dungeon" has been my home since I began teaching in 1999. Next year, I am teaching in "the wing" (the ninth grade wing to you non teachers out there). I will be on the third floor. You can't get much further away from where I am now. 
I will still be teaching sociology to juniors and seniors, but instead of my beloved 10th grade history (post reconstruction to the present), I will be teaching settlement through reconstruction (post Civil War). 
I am nervous to say the least. I haven't even touched that era of history since, oh, the fall of 1994. How many of you remember the course work from your very first quarter of college? I have a lot of curriculum planning to do this summer!

But, in true Bonnie mode, there is just so much more to discuss!  Kate had her birthday party Saturday evening. I will try to post pictures later. A total of around 20 kids swam at the Marriot in town. I think they all had a great time. My heart swelled when the (only) boy from Kate's class who she invited came up to me and said, "This is the first birthday party I have ever been invited to! I am having so much fun!" Bless Kate's heart for seeking out the underdog, and not only asking him to be a part of her big day, but making him feel special enough to be the only boy invited. It was too sweet.

Yesterday Thad and I took our three and Erin's older two to the movie Up. What a good movie! The theater was packed. We were split up in to three groups: Ryan had to sit with a friend who he saw there who had room for him, Thad sat four rows from the front with Kate and Grant, and I got Olivia and Ross in the row that was second from the front. Can we say TOO close? I wish a had a camera to capture Ross's face for the entire 100 minutes of the movie. His eyes were so large, and his mouth was hanging open. He and Olivia munched on their popcorn and watched the entire movie. Toward the end, Olivia was ready to go. Ross, however, looked like he could have sat in that same spot 

Well back to work for this old gal. As you can tell, I am using the avoidance strategy right now. I must get back to work, to moving, to sorting, throwing, and reminiscing. 


Erin said...

I think you look great--braces included. They're so much smaller now than when I had them in 8th grade. Thanks for taking my boys to the movies and for hanging out with us afterwards. We had a blast with you here!

Vicky said...

We were thinking of going to that movie too, glad to hear its a good one. You look totally cute in them, have you had much pain?

So sweet of Kate! Love a kid with a soft spot for the underdog :)

TBRKO said...

Uh, pain is not the word for it. What i have been telling people is that I recovered from the pain of childbirth more quickly. No joke!

Melissa said...

You look adorable sweet thing-one Hot Mama!! I thought Up was good too, Anthony enjoyed it but his glasses were covered in popcorn grease half way through. Happy Birthday Kate!

TBRKO said...

Melissa: we did the 2D. Our kids were scared at the Disney 3-D stuff when we were there....not to mention being in the front row felt like 3-D.

ABCDH said...

I'm not kidding, you seriously look YOUNGER with those braces!

TBRKO said...

Yeah but it makes my teeth look yellow. I would rather look older with teeth that don't look so yellow.
I am paranoid....time to finish this week of work so I can not be seen by so many faces during the day!

Dr. J said...

I agree with AJ you look younger and cute as always.

Jenay said...

Your still as cute as ever!

Pout Baby Boutique said...

You're still gorgeous. A.J. is right - you do look younger!

What a sweet girl Kate must be - what a great day for that little boy!


Amy G said...

You look great Bonnie!! We've got to get together sometime soon. Hope you are having a great summer.