Friday, March 21, 2008

Oh the guilt

Just read an email written by Thad at 3am. Olivia got the tummy flu during the night. I feel so guilty that a) I wasn't there b) because those of you who really know me, know of my phobia of barf. If that would have been me, who knows what would happen. I almost always get dizzy, run away, and get so anxious that I have a panic-type attack. I am having one right now sitting here in D.C. I know he if fine with it all, but it certainly stirs up my own issues.
I am set to be home tomorrow by 2:15 weather permitting. I am paranoid that I will spend the day at some airport. We have to leave our hotel at the lovely time of 5am (3.5 hours prior to our flight) so I am not too thrilled.
Today is our last day. This is our "free" day. It's 17 kids and their teacher: me. We are going to the Holocaust museum, some Smithsonians, and I think the ESPN zone.
Yesterday I went to Mt. Vernon, Arlington National Cemetery, and did a tour of the city at night. It has been action packed, but I miss my family and am ready to see them all.....let's hope all are healthy though :)


ABCDH said...

Remember when I chewed up graham crackers and peanut butter and pretended to puke and you ran like a bat out of hell for about two blocks?? I think that was 6th grade or something. Aren't I such a sweetheart?

TBRKO said...

I don't remember, but it doesn't surprise me that I did that. Maybe I need psychotherapy or something/anything to get over this!?!?!?