Friday, March 14, 2008

Busy busy

The kids are in the ice show this weekend. Kate is in the group "bubbles" and Ryan is a "baseball player."  If that isn't enough, I am flying out Sunday morning at 7am to Washington D.C. for a week. I am taking 18 students through the Close Up foundation. Oh and I am taking them by myself.
I have no idea what to pack, when I will pack, or anything else. I guess this has all just crept up on me.  Other than being very worried about being responsible for 18 kids, the fact that Thad is alone for a week, and never having left my own kids for this long, it should be a pretty exciting trip.  I can't wait to see the sights and sounds of D.C.  I look forward to seeing the historic sights, moving war memorials, the holocaust museum, Arlington cemetery, and Mount Vernon.  I will probably shed a few tears for my family, but I will survive.
On a lighter note, Thad & I are returning to Vegas in June with the same couple we went with last year.  This is our 10 year anniversary gift to each other. Now THAT will be fun!

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ABCDH said...

Best of luck in D.C. Also, congrats on your up-and-coming anniversary - you've got exactly 5 years on me!