Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sleeping beauties...

Isn't it amazing how precious children look when they are asleep? After a very emotionally trying day, this day has ended in peace.

Grandma Jo had to go to the ER this morning. She had serious vertigo (we didn't know it was that at the time). My mom came to close the daycare, my dad took her to the ER, and I brought my girls to school with me for an hour. The fear I felt for her, and the pride that I felt in my parents for helping her so willingly about did me in.

So to end my day with this vision......I just feel so blessed.

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ABCDH said...

Poor Jo! I had vertigo two summers ago for 3 weeks! It started when we were on a trip to Cleveland. I felt so out of sorts I even took a pregnancy test (which I'm sure Jo ruled out at this point:-)). Anyway, I hope she feels better soon because it can be very debilitating. And lastly, how cute are those three snug in the bed?!? Is that a KING size???