Saturday, May 26, 2007


Ryan woke up this morning with the need to be defiant. I would say by 11:30am he had lost most privileges. There were about five timeouts AND no friends for the day. Who does this torture you ask? Namely: ME! Thad was gone all day working on a case, it was rainy and cold, and I got to hang out with the naughty child. I now understand why my parents didn't 'ground' me. They always said, "Why punish ourselves?" I get it. But if you knew how ourwardly defiant and disrespectful Ryan can be you would be pulling your hair out too. I am not even willing to write any more as I can feel my blood pressure rising!
Kate had Lucy over this afternoon and evening. She introduced her to "High School Musical" (the movie). The next thing I know, I have to little girls downstairs in my clothes taking about who is Gabrielle and Sharpay (from the movie). I also heard Kate say that she is now popular! Yikes. All of a sudden, Ryan shows up in Thad's clothes and he is Troy (the stud of the movie).

Other things that happened this week:

*Thad and I had our ninth anniversary. Notice I didn't say celebrate? Maybe we will do that next year!

*My mom turned 64!

*Ryan started baseball

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ABCDH said...

Yep, sounds like CeCe. I can see this type of child will never really change. Fabby.