Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I didn't anticipate Thad's job change when I vowed to blog more. Unfortunately I simply don't have much down time anymore. Nights are hectic with him working and so I haven't quite blogged as much as I want to.
Here's a recap:
1. The kids are well.
Brady is Brady. When he is overtired (M-F) he is CRAZY. His exhaustion turns into wild behavior. We just go with it. He had strep a couple of weeks ago and I loved snuggling with him more than usual. He is my honey, and he is my forever baby.
2.  Olivia is doing well. She recently got glasses for a problem focusing. Her vision per se is fine, but focusing on words close up isn't so easy for her. She has complained almost daily of headaches, so the goal is to reduce those. I am learning, however, that Olivia seems to have some sort of daily crisis. In fact, she talks to her teacher daily about a headache, tummy ache, or some ailment. I am working with her on not always discussing her issues, but....not sure what will happen.
She is a mini Bonnie (clearly not in looks) but in her ability to cry very, very, very easily. I don't do that anymore, but if she is scolded, tears flow. As my dad says, Olivia doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She is kind beyond belief.
3. Kate is becoming a sass. I can tell she is starting the earliest of transitions toward those lovely tween years. She continues to love to drive me crazy, yet I rely on her more than her big brother to help with Brady if I need to run an errand. She is still searching for that perfect hobby to make her happy. She is dancing twice a week but says she won't next year. She plays viola but says she won't next year. Get the pattern?
4. Ryan is busy non stop. I can't even believe all he does and has energy for, yet I never wanted to hang out home. He and Thad leave in two days for Roseau for the weekend. He decided he needed to wash all his clothes on his own, pack already, and get all his homework done. Hello! Hockey practices are at an early 6:30am, so we leave the house around 5:50 to get him there. Well I do. Thad is sleeping. :)

Thad is out of town as we speak, and will be gone again in a few weeks. I am panicking a bit, because next week I start teaching the class last year that about did me in. I am starting over again b/c I can't remember a darn thing from last year! So my nights will be kids and then work.

Other random thoughts:
I miss some of Ryan's games due to the time. I won't keep my kids up late for that. I hate missing them, but I am a parent to all my kids, not just one. I worry that other parents think I'm not interested in his games. Not true.
I know (because I just do) that I have adult ADD. It's bad. I can't focus on one thing. Ever.
Kate does hand stands all the time. Is it some sort of stress reliever??? Who knows....
Peaches pees in our house every.single.day. What should we do? We let her out. A lot. She pees on beds too.
If I can do two loads of laundry a day I feel like I am doing ok. Rarely this happens.
Ninety percent of the time my house looks like a bomb went off in it.
Ninety five percent of the time I have a child who has crawled in my bed. Lately it's always Olivia. If it's not her, it's Brady.
I have one child (Olivia) who is a nail biter. Any tips on how to get her to stop? Funny, her sister has the fastest growing nails of anyone I know.
I am always cooking new food and at least two of the kids will like. Never do three or all four like them. It's annoying and exhausting.
I'm exhausted.


ABCDH said...

This was a nice, long post - I liked it!
Delaney has 'ailments' like your Olivia. It seems to be getting better now, but her and the school nurse are practically best friends at this point.
I used to do handstands at home non-stop when I was a kid. Non-stop.
Cece used to bite her nails, but then stopped on her own. Delaney bites hers now, but I don't worry about it.
And, as for Peaches. Well, I hate to say it but her punishments might need to be a little harsher? I'm convinced that my turning into the Devil when Pearl peed on the floor has kept her in check.

TBRKO said...

My mom suggested we get Olivia's nails done with gel polish....maybe that would help. I'm not sure yet with her.
We have tried everything with the dog: scaring her, yelling, closing all doors, letting her out all.the.time, etc. Last night we came home from dinner and she pooped.
Honestly I really love her but our house is getting trashed. I'm not sure what else we can do, but if someone wanted her I would give her away b/c this is a fifth child.

Melissa Tortorice said...

WOW! I complain about my life being busy. You deserve major kudos! Seriously, you impress me.