Friday, January 25, 2013

I am, I think, I know

I'm doing this because of Vicky and because these are cathartic. :)

I am: living in thr midst of mountains of work, responsibilities, and feeling very overwhelmed.
I think: always about what need to be done at work, home, and for my kids
I know: that everyone has stress in their life, so I embrace it.
I want: my husband to have normal hours, a cleaning lady, and my children to always know how much I love them.
I have: a full heart and a deep love for coffee.
I dislike: this answer will always be the same: cruelty toward others, selfishness, and bullying
I miss: having an infant in my home, my grandma Ada, youthfulness
I fear: losing my parents, my children, husband, and/or sanity.
I feel: challenged 
I hear: the running washing machine, Calliou on tv, and Peaches
I smell: the wafting aroma left over from Peaches pooping in the house.
I crave: summer heat and sunshine, frosting, and snuggles with my kids.
I search: for ways to cure psoriasis (thanks stress), for information and ideas and answers for AP government,  and recipes.
I wonder: if I am good enough
I regret: missing one child's sports and activities for another's 
I love: my IPhone 5
I care: more than the average person about anything and everything
I am always: feeling guilty and worrying.
I worry:  all.the.time. It's a gift.
I remember: about things to the point that it writes people out.
I sing: less than I used to.
I argue: not well. I dislike conflict and I refuse to argue with my kids, even though its unavoidable.
I write: a lot for work.
I lose: everything bc I'm not organized enough
I wish: my kids were little still
I listen: to music all the time. It soothes me.
I don't understand: some of the AP stuff I teach...ok much of it, how people can be mean, why kids don't appreciate naps, and why bad things have to happen to people.
I can usually be found: work, home, or in my car
I am scared: of vomit
I need: to be more appreciative of the fact that I have a job I love, a beautiful family, and that I am blessed. I also need to stop worrying what others think of me.
I forget: few things
I am happy: for all I have 

Care to join me?  Copy and paste if you'd like and let me know- I'd love to come read yours! 

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