Wednesday, August 22, 2012


God grant me the serenity to stay out of a mental institution.
Assure me that my children are "normal" for:
Using (loudly) a whoopee cushion in the dentist's office. So glad they gave that as a reward.
For fighting 800 times a day.
For asking 25000 questions a day, most of which are identical to the question asked five seconds prior.
For hating every.single.meal I make, and for requesting McDonald's
For being three and running through the doctor's office saying it's ok, because he's running bases.
For sliding into said bases.

I really could ask for more God, but I'm too tired. So instead I'll be thankful they're healthy enough to want to make me mentally ill. :)


ABCDH said...

Haha! I get SO frustrated when my kids act like, well, kids!!

Erin said...

You hit it! It's exhausting, but in the end we're thankful they're healthy.

Eliza beth said...

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Melissa Tortorice said...

Serenity? What is that?

Char lotte said...

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