Monday, February 7, 2011

Outdoor hockey game

Ryan's in-house team had a game outside on Saturday. A brand new outdoor rink has been built for Hockey Day Minnesota which is being held here in good old Moorhead!
Unfortunately two of the travel teams have a big tournament in White Bear Lake this weekend, so they won't get to watch the two huge high school games. (I am actually bitter about this, but whatever) Good thing it will be on FSN so maybe they can catch it on tv down there. If not, we will DVR it for sure.
It was 24 degrees out on Saturday, so it was "nice" for a game. Let's hope it's nice this weekend for more games!

On another note, I'm not sure I will be at the tournament. I have a seminar for my history grant, and the final presentation is on POW camps that existed right here in Clay County. I'm not missing it. Add to the fact that Ryan's Friday game is at 8:45pm. Um....Brady and Olivia are sound asleep before that time. Then the Saturday games are at 12:30 (hello naptime) and I think 7:30.
I am not a fan of uprooting my other kids to go somewhere that will create a lot of stress for them (sleep deprivation) and for me (dealing with tired and crabby kids).
So the verdict is still out. Either way, I will be cheering on my two big boys (coach and player) from whereever I am at.


Vicky said...

It gets really hard to balance it all... I hear you on the late night factor. Last Friday's game was even too late for Colton. I stayed home with him and he was asleep by 8. I heard a lot of moms are not going- just too many conflicts. I hope the boys do well too!

Stephanie said...

Brrr. I'm sure it fun for the players, not so fun for the spectators.