Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Helper day

Olivia is convinced that tomorrow is her "helper day" at school. I showed her several times on the calendar that she is the helper on Thursday, but she is quite insistent that the substitute today told her otherwise.
So she asked if she could set out her outfit for tomorrow. I told her either way, she will look like a very pretty little girl--helper day or not. One thing about Olivia that I adore is that she won't be upset if it's not her day. She just rolls with things.

Now to you and me this outfit isn't all that exciting, but she was thrilled to put it together--unmatching headband and all.


Be the change... said...

Cute! I just got to reading your last post and I think that is awesome to brag a little about Kate. Love that she is doing so well in school. We have to brag about our kids sometimes, nobody else is going to!

ABCDH said...

Love the outfit - I swear that my girls often put together outfits that I would never think of, but look super cute!