Monday, November 22, 2010

50s day

Miss Olivia got to dress up today for 50s day in Kindergarten. I think they were celebrating the 50th day of school. Someone lent us a costume, but it was too big, and with a surprise 5 inches of snow this morning (which grew to over 10 inches), we settled on this.
I am so grateful to say that Olivia is one of the most amiable people I know. She really didn't care what she wore. She never does. Olivia just goes with the flow and is for the most part, a very sweet and joyous little girl.
As you can tell by the picture, Brady idolizes his "Leeleeah." It's pretty sweet.

In other news, after two days of enjoying our washer and dryer, our dishwasher took a poop. It was supposed to arrive today (thank goodness), but to my dismay, it is actually not coming for a week. Eek.
Then to top it off, Olivia had a cavity filled. Only it turned into two, and another two were found. What the heck???? I am totally embarrassed to even write this, but I swear she is a great tooth brusher.
To say that it's been an expensive week would be an understatement....but hey, I'm eating apples and doing a puzzle with Olivia and Brady while Thad and Ryan are at hockey, and Kate is at dance. What do I have to complain about?


Stephanie said...

Adorable! Brady looks so proud of his big sister.

ABCDH said...

I totally get it. Just shelling out money hand over fist right before the holidays.

And what happened to your baby Olivia, anyway?

HHLSS said...

She is so pretty. Love Brady's cheesy smile too!

Erin said...

Olivia is such a sweet kid. She was so nice to Hope at the movie yesterday..."I'll share my cotton candy with Hope, Erin."