Sunday, October 31, 2010


Since it's Halloween, and I'm snuggling with a traumatized two year old who hates masks (ie most boys), I thought I'd share some things that scare me....
(and yes this is tongue in cheek)

1. Men in tank tops. Eeeeeek! Unless you are Hulk Hogan, don't do it. Ever.

2. Phil Spector....enough said

3. Donald Trump's hair. How can you be a bazillionaire and have such odd hair?
4. Beef Carpaccio or any other raw meat 'delicacy.' Ewwww.

5. The Teletubbies....have you watched that show? Seriously frightening!
And that's all the fear and fright I can handle for one night. Happy Halloween everyone!


Stephanie said...

All very scary indeed. The Teletubbies were brought up in my writing class today, and so I thought of you!

ABCDH said...

Yesterday at Animal Kingdom Bill said he wished he was wearing a tank top! (and, no, he does not own one)

ABCDH said...

O, and I heart sushi so boo on you.

Dr. J said...

I'm not Hulk Hogan and I wear tank tops...uh oh!!

TBRKO said... must stop that now.