Sunday, January 13, 2008

Random (and mostly bizarre) thoughts from Kate

"Mom I have a trick if you are itchy. If you don't scratch them, they will go away. But, if they don't go away, then you need to scratch them."
"I don't hear thunderstorms at night. I think it's because of my ears. I think they turn off."
"Tastebuds are cool because you can taste things."
"Blond is sort of like yellow... but sort of not."
"I sort of like this pop. I don't really like it, but I just sort of like it. It's spicy but a little sour too."


ABCDH said...

Okay, that had me cracking up.

ABCDH said...

Good gravy. First, I DO remember "dating" Dave Pruse freshman year because I borrowed your FUSCHIA dress from homecoming court. To this day my parents do not know I went to prom that year because I wasn't allowed.
Secondly, I DO remember our "Grease" routine - seriously, how could I forget???
I remember fragments of our youth together. For example, I loved going to your house because your Dad would take us to the Union to get candy (something I was not allowed at home, I wonder why??).

Jenay said...

AJ- I do believe we still have the lovely picture of you and dave at the prom. I always tease him because he wore white gloves....

TBRKO said...

Okay I have to see this, b/c I don't remember that I lent you my dress or that you went with him. Can you believe I don't remember???

ABCDH said...

I laughed out loud about the white gloves. I have the picture somewhere (I have a little bin in storage of High School "memorabilia").
You mean there's actually something you DON'T remember????