Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of our friends, family, and loved ones. We began the day with the kids opening presents from Santa. Then we went to church for the children's mass. Olivia went with cousin Grant to sit up on the altar to hear Father Mike's sermon. The older kids didn't feel comfortable up there, but Olivia wanted to go. She sat so nicely and grinned at us several times. Hopefully the entire church didn't see her pick her nose a few times and wipe it on her dress.
We were very lazy this afternoon until it was time to go to Grandma and Grandpa's. We checked our stockings there, had a wonderful meal cooked by my mom, and celebrated Erin and Grant's birthday. No baby yet....but any day now!

Monday, December 24, 2007

So I can't take good pictures...

...of my kids when they are all together. You get the general drift: the kids are dressed nicely, it's Christmas, and everyone is giddy with excitement.
We had fun with all the family over here tonight. We had a nice dinner, presents, and only a few tantrums. Tomorrow brings Santa's visit, Erin and Grant's birthday, and of course, Christmas mass to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. We are hoping that my sister Erin has her baby tomorrow to have a triple miracle. If you don't know, Erin and Grant are both Christmas babies. No kidding!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Weekend Highlights

We have had a busy but fun weekend! Friday night while Ryan, Thad, and friends went to the Gopher/Sioux game, Kate had a dance recital. It was called the "Not So Nutcracker." Let me tell you it was so sweet. I can't wait to get the DVD so Kate can see for herself how great it was. Kate does not like to have her picture taken so I did the best I could.
Saturday Ryan had his friend birthday party. Wow...10 boys in our house...not for me. Boys are just a different breed. There was way too much fighting, corralling, demanding, etc for this mom's taste. The theme this year was football. It's no stretch from any of the other years! We played games, had a yummy cake from Cold Stone, and opened presents.
Then last night we had my social studies department Christmas party. It was SO fun, other than missing our buddy Kurt. I can't tell you how many times each day I think about him. We had a picture made of him with a caption that isn't meant to be put out for non-adult viewing. But if you know Gigs, you can guess what it said. I stayed out way past my early-Bonnie bedtime (1am) and even stayed up later than Thad. That is a first.
Ryan and Thad are at Ryan's game. I kept the girls home. It is so cold that I just didn't want to freeze their little fingers and toes.
Have a good week!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Eight Years Old

Happy Birthday to my first baby! Ryan is 8 today. Where has the time gone???? He was a mere 5 lbs. 14 oz. when he came out. How tiny! I remember being so in love yet so overwhelmed with being responsible for someone else. What a blessing having him has been.
Some friends of ours happened to offer us four Gopher/Sioux tickets for Friday's big game. Thad, Ryan, Corey, and Parker are going. Kate has her holiday dance recital so we will stay back. Anyway that caused me to switch his birthday present. I ended up getting him a gift card to Scheels so he could choose the jersey he would wear to the game. Thad is a die hard Gophers fan. Ryan has been but is caving to the pressure from the neighbor boys. So he choose....SIOUX! Poor Thad.....

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Busy day

Even with lots of snow we had much to do today. Thad and Ryan had hockey practice at 8am. Ryan and Kate had skating too. Olivia and I went to Target to stock up on 'stuff.' At 3:30, Ryan had his first reconciliation. We had been getting ready for awhile for this. He and I went to confession together. Ryan was nervous but did quite well. I did too, and I think the biggest confession for me was I couldn't remember the last time I had gone. After that we trudged through the snow to go out to Mexican Village with our neighbors and then to Cold Stone for some ice cream. Thad had to snowblow our seven and a half inches (and counting) of snow. The kids and I snuggled and watched a video. Now they are sleeping, Thad is watching tv, and I am ready to read!