Monday, December 24, 2007

So I can't take good pictures...

...of my kids when they are all together. You get the general drift: the kids are dressed nicely, it's Christmas, and everyone is giddy with excitement.
We had fun with all the family over here tonight. We had a nice dinner, presents, and only a few tantrums. Tomorrow brings Santa's visit, Erin and Grant's birthday, and of course, Christmas mass to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. We are hoping that my sister Erin has her baby tomorrow to have a triple miracle. If you don't know, Erin and Grant are both Christmas babies. No kidding!!!!!!!!

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ABCDH said...

Oh my gosh, in the picture of Erin and your Mom I couldn't even tell she was pregnant!!
Those Christmas birthdays, Cecelia's is the 27th. ug.