Thursday, September 13, 2007


My friend AJ blogged today about how her oldest daughter is just like her. I can't decide if any of my kids are truly like me. I see parts of myself in each of them, but it's another story really feeling like they are just like you. Let me run through my kiddies:
Ryan: defiant, sassy, loves to test his limits at home, very well behaved at school, argumentative, soft hearted even though he doesn't want people to know it, kind to all types of kids, a perfectionist at school, enjoys being active, curious about the world around him, a very sensitive kid but I think only a few lucky people have seen that side of him.
Kate: genuinely kindhearted, sensitive, whiny, shy, friendly all the time, nervous for new situations, affectionate, quick witted, doesn't like to be overexerted AT ALL, a follower, loves to ask why, a drama queen.
Olivia (so far): funny, smily, becoming defiant, only does what she wants, stubborn, cuddly, sassy, loves to talk back, enjoys being active.
Honestly I think that our kids are a combination of us both. Thad claims that our kids' negative attributes come from me. The good ones come from him.
What do you think?


Jenay said...

First of all, I am glad to see that my kids are not the only one's who eat their eggo waffles like cookies! They do not like syrup and they never let me cut them up.
You need to save that blog entry and scrap it. It will be cool to look back at it 16 years from now to see if your kids still have the same attributes. I love the idea of writing down all that is about them!
And, you can tell Mr. Stafford that he is not correct about all the negative attributes coming from you! Dave always says that our kids have my personality-impatient and out-spoken and my response to him is, "that's a good thing, hopefully one day a nice girl/boy, like you will want to marry them =)

ABCDH said...

To me, you are: FUNNY, kind to others, out-going, smart, GOOD, patient, bubbly, strong willed and easy to laugh (my favorite). It sounds like your kids all have some of these qualities and then a mix of Thad in there too. I've never seen an ugly side of you in the 20+ years I've known you. You can tell that to Thad :-))