Tuesday, September 18, 2007


See this hottie? My main squeeze Jeremy Piven just won an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy. Now that I have Netflix, I have become addicted to the television show Entourage. I am halfway caught up through season 3. I think in two weeks the second half is available.
Anyway entire cast is awesome. I have a few new crushes because of that show: Adrian Grenier...Jeremy Piven...the other boys aren't necessarily my type, but I definitely think they are all awesome.
God he is HOT!


Kim said...

Bon.. you do realize he has slept with over half of Hollywood correct? I do love that show though as well.

TBRKO said...

Kim: He could add me to his list as far as I am concerned. Do you think Thad would understand? Anyway there are rumors about his preferences....but I don't care. I forgot to call you back. I am sorry. Life is crazy. Know that I am thinking of you.

ABCDH said...

Yeah, I'm all about Pivs (that's what his friends call him). Adrian - not so much. Maybe it'd be too much like sleeping with myself. HeeHee.
Thanks for posting the hot pic, somtimes we need to make sure we still are WOMEN!

ABCDH said...

For some reason I can't EVER sign in to my blog unless I leave you a comment. How do you log in?? If I try to sign in on my page or blogspot.com nothing happens.

ABCDH said...

Sorry, just have to log in :-))

Anonymous said...

OK, I love the Pivs too but I believe I'm the only single one (well almost anyway) here ladies so he's all mine. Do you think he'd move to Moorhead?

Anonymous said...

I really don't know what the fuss is all about with him. Look at what he's wearing. If I tried to walk out of the house dressed like that, Bonnie would make me change and throw that t-shirt in the garbage. C'mon Bon, you can do better than him.


ABCDH said...

I love it!!